This pool deck brings a whole new meaning to above ground pool decks — by transforming into an in-ground pool with the touch of a button.

According to, the sleek, modern wooden deck appears to be a normal deck at first, capable of hosting countless cookouts and other outdoor leisure activities. With the simple press of a button, however, the deck lowers itself into the ground, allowing water to pour over it and become an in-ground pool.

Agor Engineering, the company that came up with the design, explained the deck works through a water-based hydraulic system. The luxurious deck is the perfect option for wealthy New Yorkers or Londoners who have limited yard space and still want ample deck space for outdoor entertaining.

Best of all? The deck can either be fully or partially lowered into the water, allowing the owner to create a pool as deep or shallow as needed. This is especially beneficial to families with small children, as well as adults who might just want to wade in shallow waters.

The deck’s pressure-treated wood will last approximately 15 years, making it a highly cost-effective form of luxury. If the concept becomes even more popular, there’s no reason why this above ground pool deck can’t be constructed with other materials. Aluminum decking, for example, is the strongest, most long-lasting material for decks.

Given the fact that a new pool deck can boast a 72% return on investment, there’s no reason why this high-tech deck isn’t a great idea for those who have limited backyard space. It won’t come cheap, however — reported that this pool deck costs a stunning £500,000, or a cool $776,740 in U.S. dollars.

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