If your home’s exterior looks like it could use a major upgrade, you may be considering investing in a new above ground pool deck or patio. A proper outdoor living space isn’t just a place for you and your family to enjoy the beautiful weather — it’s also a fantastic investment for any homeowner to make. Research has shown that adding a deck or patio to your home offers an incredible 72% return on investment!

However, as is the case with many big investments, it’s very important that you don’t rush into any decisions with your planned outdoor space.

Before beginning construction on your planned deck or patio design, it’s imperative that you think about your bottom line. Here are the top three things you ought to consider before moving forward with building your new outdoor living space:

Your budget
Knowing the approximate costs associated with your deck or patio is the first step you should take toward beginning construction. By setting up a realistic budget that fits within your means, you can avoid overspending. Your budget should allocate funds for the patio designs, materials and labor. However, make sure you leave room in your budget for a little flexibility, as it’s common for homeowners to add extra features during construction.

While it’s possible to construct your deck or patio yourself, it’s generally recommended that you hire professionals to construct the highest-quality structure possible. A patio construction company will have experience with matters like construction safety, local permit requirements and building code compliance.

The materials required for construction
First, you should decide which building material will be best for your outdoor space. Today, popular choices include aluminum decking, pressure-treated wood and composite and vinyl decking. Wood decking is the most cost-effective and popular decking option, lasting about 15 years on average. However, aluminum decking, while costing slightly more, is also the strongest and longest-lasting material. Lastly, consider the amount of material you will need to complete construction on your deck or patio. This will greatly impact the final cost of your investment.

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