Custom Fire Pits – Fire Pit Kits

We install Westin stone with square and round fire pit designs

The Square Fire Pit

Square fire pits have strong right angles and straight lines that can be used to create a formal, modern or structured look – from grand statements to comforting regularity. A square fire pit is ideal for fitting neatly into a small, square enclosure or reflecting the strong geometry of a modern home’s architecture. A square fire pit also provides the perfect complement to a long seating wall or retaining wall and makes for the easy arrangement of long, outdoor sofas for seating. They also pair beautifully with privacy walls and rectangular or square swimming pools, and provide an attractive dividing fixture between two spaces.

In keeping with the square fire pit’s classy, high-end feel, consider incorporating a blend of visually bold materials into its design, for example granite, brick, or a stacked flagstone look.

The Round Fire Pit

A round fire pit encourages engagement between guests with its open structure. Mimicking the feel of a traditional campfire, a round fire pit is well suited to conversation and can comfortably accommodate a greater number of people. Furthermore, each guest will benefit from the circular fire pit’s even distribution of heat. A round fire pit partners well with built-in circular seating directly adjacent to the fire pit and can easily be placed in a nook created by a retaining wall or the flowing edge of a patio. If you favor rustic or cottage style landscape design, a round fire pit design is definitely one that you should consider. This feature can be used to echo the curves created by your meandering walkways, plant beds and retaining walls, but it also provides a welcome interruption to hard lines and can soften the appearance of rectilinear architecture and landscape features.

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