With so many people spending their work days stuck in an office, huddled behind their desks, most are dying for any excuse to spend some time outdoors. One great reason to be outside is making use of a brand new deck — even more so if they have a pool.

Installing a pool deck can not only add some aesthetics to a back yard, but it can also be a great excuse for entertaining friends and family. Cookouts make for great parties, and a deck can provide room for plenty of people. The most popular grilling occasions are Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day, but around 60% of people are reporting using their grills year-round. And why not when there is a perfectly good deck holding the grill right out the back door?

When installing a pool deck, there are multiple facets that must be considered. The first is location. Below and above ground pool decks can be placed on any side of the pool, depending on the owner’s preference.

Next and most importantly, is the material you would like to use. Pool decks are primarily made of wood, composite wood material, or vinyl, such as Trex. Some of the most popular woods used for decking are redwood, cedar, and pressure-treated pine. Each type has its own look and feel.

One rare option that people may over look is aluminum decking. It may not have the classic look and feel of wood, but it is unmatched in strength and longevity. It requires far less maintenance than any type of wood, and you can rest assured that it will remain standing long after other decks would.

There is such a wide array of pool deck ideas to choose from that you will have no problem making a unique structure with add-ons like pool deck pavers. Next time you feel like throwing a barbecue and pool party, consider how it would be after installing a pool deck.

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